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Hoop Love Ya'll Show #25-Health/Humor/Hooping~RISING Theme 2

Hoop Love Ya'll Show #25-Health/Humor/Hooping~RISING Theme

Episode #25. Life has it’s high’s and lows. Enjoy and ride those highs. And on some of those lows, a little bit of humor might help. Update on our now angel pup Caly. Pet cameos by the lazy and crazy. A humorous funeral tale. Live show feedback. And a “rising” hoop move tutorial on “The Vortex.” Use good Sunblock.  ♥ Hoop Love, Ya’ll~Che’
Hoop Love Ya’ll Show, Health, Humor and Hooping with Che’ Rippinger of Hip The Hoopla
♥ Hooping Pet Cameos with lazy and crazy♥
“Sometimes release, is the hardest part of holding on to life.” ~Che’ Rippinger
♥Caly Angel “Rising”…her short journey was my care-giving gift and heartfelt life lesson. Amethyst, Thunder Shirt, Rescue Remedy, Vet visits, CBD oil and lots and lots of care…still couldn’t help our little pup.
♦Death. Humor. Coping. Sometimes you need to see the funny spots to help you get through the tragedy, so you can do what you need to do. Insert a long story about my Grandfather’s passing and how I helped keep my mom together with really bad (but welcoming) humor.
♦Sunscreen…NO…Use SUNBLOCK: Make sure your sunblock has zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide…NOT the chemicals that react on the skin with the sun-rays…those are toxic and carcinogenic! Take it from someone who’s had melanoma razored out of her arm in a huge AMA approved section…once. Different strategy if it happens again.
♦Pet Cameos/tricks for treats.
♥ Laughter Yoga Breathing Exercise: Just breathe. Deep inhales and deep exhales…Especially if under stress or duress. Get that oxygenation in to keep the bad stuff out.
♦♦♦Hoop Tutorial “The Vortex” with back hand hoop pick up, first:
♦ 1. Get that back hand pickup first. Follow the tips and tricks to avoid “Hoop E.D.” aka “hoop droop.”
♦ 2. Above the head, hand-off from one to another with a thumb to thumb inside grip.
♦ 3. Repeat. Back pick up with one hand, then place down with other hand. You can hand off from hand to hand in a continuous loop cycle.
Additional Inspiration/Quotations:
♦ “Life is like a roller coaster. Once you sit down and lock in, you are in for all of it: the fun, the scared, the exhilarated, and the upchuck.” ~ Che’ Rippinger
♦ “Sit Down. Strap In. Shut Up.” ~flight cockpit t-shirt saying
♦ My mamma used to say “You know how to make a short story, long!” ~ Cam Goodman (Che’s mamma)
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About Che’ Rippinger: Che’ has been hoop dancing (aka hula hooping) since 2008, she specializes in teaching (mainly adults) of all levels how to hoop dance, laugh, and be happy and healthy. She has over 30 years of experience teaching dance and founded her company Hip The Hoopla in 2011 instructing, performing and creating handcrafted locally made professional custom dance hoops.
Che is a professional hoop dancer, belly dancer, fire spinner and Certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She’s also been a professional humorist specializing in “relationships” as a cartoonist and columnist, published in the Sunday Denver Post and Playgirl Magazine.
If you’d like to hire Che’ for education, performing or events, please visit for schedule, info, and to connect.
~With Hoop ♥ ~Che’
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