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Chemical Kitchen: teaching observation skills and using all senses 2

Chemical Kitchen: teaching observation skills and using all senses

In this video, Alan Spivey, Roger Kneebone and Jozef Youssef discuss the importance of good observation skills and using all senses in kitchens and laboratories.

Imperial College London aims to offer all its students a world-leading, rigorous, evidence-based, inclusive educational experience embedded in a vibrant research environment. The College’s new Learning and Teaching Strategy, launched in June 2017, sets out an ambitious programme of work aimed at establishing Imperial as a global leader in innovative, evidenced-based education.
As part of the Pedagogy Transformation Project, and in collaboration with Kitchen Theory, a project called Chemical Kitchen was launched in September 2019. The aim of Chemical Kitchen is to use culinary practice as a non-threatening parallel to laboratory work. Currently, the project allows chemistry students to identify, practise and refine essential skills without the danger of being seen by their supervisors and peers to be under-performing in their chosen field of study.

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