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CBD Melamede podcast 1 WARMUP 1280x720 2

CBD Melamede podcast 1 WARMUP 1280×720

Dr. Robert Melamede
Associate Professor and Biology Chairman UCCS (Retired),

CEO and President Cannabis Science (Retired),
Program Director Phoenix Tears, (Denver CO)
Executive Director Masada (Kingston, Jamaica))
Science Advisor, Spannabis (Columbia SA)
Founder Dr Robert J Melamede Cannabis Awakening Foundation, Ltd (Burlington, VT)

The simple fact that Cannabis Prohibition exists is unambiguous science-based proof of guilt (smokin’ gun) that the world is run by ignorant, corrupt, incompetent, aggressive, fearful, close-minded, evolutionarily primitive, selfish, cannabinoid deficient people (BLPs, Backward Looking People). The flow dependent, dissipative, spacio/temporal chemical reaction known as humanity is approaching a far from equilibrium critical point as evidenced by the increase in the frequency and amplitude of the fluctuations that create the natural, complex, dynamic interface between it and its environment (this of course drives environmental instability). The system will either collapse, with an associated nonlinear decrease in systemic organization and flow, or it will nonlinearly move to a higher level of flow dependent organization. The system gets smarter, it move further from equilibrium. Advancement in the evolving flow dependent chemistry, that has become today’s humanity, will take us to a higher (haha) interface as has historically always occurred with progressive speciation. The altered collective human chemistry will lead to redistribution of the probablistic biochemistry that is homeostatic with greater cannabinoid activity. Consequently there will be a shift in the distribution of epigenetic pattern to those more consistent with higher endocannabinoid activity. Higher natural mutation rates in the chromosomal regions associated with gene expression will eventually transform what had been metabolic patterns into genetic realities. ~ drbob


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