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DIMETHYLPHENIDATE Research chemicals

Dimethylphenidate for sale online

DIMETHYLPHENIDATE DRUG  Dimethylphenidate drug is a new stimulant with psychedelic effects. By its biochemical activity, pharmacology and effects it is similar to methylphenidate as well as ethylphenidate. Our company offers research chemicals for sale UK, USA and worldwide. Remember that it is worth to conduct Dimethylphenidate bath salts drug test if you use this bath …

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5-METHYL-ETHYLONE DRUG 5-Methyl-Ethylone research chemical is a powerful designer drug. It is included into the family of cathinones. Using 5-Methyl-Ethylone allows you to achieve psychedelic and stimulation effects. By 5-Methyl-Ethylone pharmacology and 5-Methyl-Ethylone effects this substance reminds other amphetamine s and phenethylamine. By its biochemical activity 5-Methyl-Ethylone is similar to ethylone. 5-METHYL-ETHYLONE FOR SALE ONLINE …




4 HO MET FOR SALE ,p>Our company offers 4-Hydroxy-N-methyl-N-ethyltryptamine for sale. It is better known as Methylcybin, Metocin, Colour and 4-HO-MET. 4 ho met drug is a synthetic psychedelic designer drug. It is included into the class of tryptamine research chemicals. 4 HO MET BUY This substance is often purchased by researchers, who want to …

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Buy 4-CL-PVP

4-cl-pvp bluelight | 4-cl-pvp erowid | 4-cl-pvp crystal | 4-cl-pvp forum Full chemical name: 1-(4-chlorophenyl)-2-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)pentan-1-one Other names: 4CL-PVP(crystal replacement of apvp) CAS number of substance: 902324-25-5 Physical properties: Crystal Formula: C15H20ClNO Molar mass of the substance: 265,12 g/mol Purity of the preparation: 99,7% and above Being the best replacement of A-PVP, 4-CL-PVP is regarded as …

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Buy Furanylfentanyl

Furanylfentanyl : Features This product has been manufactured and tested to meet ISO17025:2005 and Guide 34:2009 guidelines This product is intended to be used as an analytical reference standard Bulk material is available for academic research at qualified institutions; please contact our sales department for pricing Synonyms Fu-F 2-Furanyl fentanyl Furanyl fentanyl (hydrochloride) (Item No. …

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buy Pentedrone online

buy Pentedrone online

buy pentedrone usa | buy pentedrone online | buy pentedrone uk | buy pentedrone credit card Pentedrone Synonyms : α-methylamino-Valerophenone Formal Name : 2-​(methylamino)-​1-​phenyl-​1-​pentanone,​ monohydrochloride CAS Number : 879669-95-1 Molecular Formula : C12H17NO • HCl Formula Weight : 227.7 Formulation : A crystalline solid Purity : ≥98% λmax : 249 nm Stability : 2 years   …

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buy Butylone Online

Buy Butylone Online

buy Butylone Online butylone for sale | dibutylone for sale | methylone for sale | methylone for sale australia | methylone for sale uk | methylone for sale paypal | methylone for sale in south africa Butylone Crystal,  also known as β-keto-N-methylbenzodioxolylbutanamine, is an entactogen, psychedelic, and stimulant psychoactive drug of the phenethylamine chemical class. Butylone …

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