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19.11.2019 (1040 to 1100) - NEUK - Within the Chemicals (ft. Delta & American Airlines) 2

19.11.2019 (1040 to 1100) – NEUK – Within the Chemicals (ft. Delta & American Airlines)

FYI: #Chemtrails (This Tag generates the YouTube “Information Panel” under the video.

So, what is taking place in the Sky where you are?

Caught Red Handed:-

1) Delta Air Lines (DAL)… (N506DN) … Airbus A350-941 at 38,000 ft on Flight DAL135 (A65092)


2) American Airlines (AAL) … (N812AA) … Boeing 787-8 at 38,000 ft on Flight AAL71 (AB10CB).

You know,
The people behind all this must be totally Soulless (AI especially, if involved?), or maybe just as Braindead as the people running about with their faces stuck in their Smartphone?

Afterall …Who in their right mind would knowingly spray Aluminium, Strontium, Barium, Lithium & God only knows what else(?) on Everything? Without realising that there is Someone else who is Spraying their Home & Family, while they are at work?
Doesn’t take a bloody Brain Surgeon, does it?

Either, they must know that those 4 Chemicals alone, are Toxic to Life itself? In which case it is a premeditated attack on “Everything Living” on the Ground, below their Snot Rocket?
Legalised by our Own Governments, of course.
They are stupid enough to believe it when their Boss tells them that there’s no harm in it, simply because, “Well, they must know & they would Never Lie about something so serious.”?

Special thanks to:-


TRUTH… They told us in the 70’s, that the Earth is Cooling. See for yourself! The World IS NOT Warming (& It IS NOT a Wet, Spinning, “Globe”, hurtling through Nothing, chasing a bloody Fireball).

I’m only a low level Truther & still learning.
My videos are only a guide. You have to learn for yourself, so do your own research, please.
Trust No One.


Free to Share / Mirror etc., providing there’s no malice & thanks for viewing 😀
I can’t make any promises to see comments, for which I apologise, but my email address is on my Channel page, if needed.

Want to start seeing the “Truth”, for real?
Then first try researching “Flat Earth”. That should start the ball rolling for you, but keep clear of the lies & disinformation from the “Flat Earth Society”, “NASA”, “Neil deGrasse Tyson” & “Bill Nye” 😉
You’ve been warned 🙂

Serious cause for concern are…

Chemtrails & Frequencies.
Smart Meters.
Fluoride (Poison on tap)
& so much more 🙁

Our very Existence is under attack, in so many ways. People need to pay attention & stop making excuses.
Silence “IS” Consent!


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