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अब कोरोना को को जल्द खत्म करने के लिए बड़े स्तर पर होगी जाँच शुरू ,जल्द नतीजे के लिए लेंगे इस च... 2

अब कोरोना को को जल्द खत्म करने के लिए बड़े स्तर पर होगी जाँच शुरू ,जल्द नतीजे के लिए लेंगे इस च…

Home Now, Corona will be tested on a large scale to end it soon, it will be tested soon for results. Indian Council of Education Research Council has authorized many more labs to investigate Corona, along with ICMR blood Antibody testing has also been approved from the samples. Now Department of Biotechnology Department, Science and Technology, Council of Scientific and Industrial Isrc and Department of Atomic will also examine samples of 19 Research Lab. According to an ICMR official, all these labs have been asked to strictly follow the directives issued by the council before starting the investigation of the corona. On behalf of the ICMR it has been said that this virus is very dangerous. The untrained employee will not be put at any stage for investigation. If there is negligence, then this virus infects the lab The new trouble standing. The ICMR has clarified that it will not provide any test kits or chemicals to these institutions. The lab will examine the samples sent by government institutions and government campaigns. The council said that it is under reputed institutions so neither they have any Chance will not inspect nor compromise any kind of permission. The secretary of these departments will also be suitable to make any compromise in this regard. The responsibility of these investigation labs will be the responsibility of the concerned department. ICMR has also asked to strictly follow the rules for the disposal of medical waste, as well as for the investigation of corona Along with authorizing the labs affiliated to various departments, the ICMR has also approved blood samples to whom the antibody test is performed. Antibody test results in early test results in 15 to 20 minutes. Antibody testing facility is that more people can be tested in a short time. It helps to confirm the patients in areas which are more affected by corona. Along with this, there will be a facility to treat them on time, the government has allowed PCR tests so far, even in this test of the fluid samples taken from the patient nose and throat. Gaddafi seemed time.


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